The Watchers is the story of the beginning of creation, of how the angels were sent to make the universe & the planet earth, to fill it with plant & animal life & finally to make the first humans out of its soil.

Eden, Paradise has been created on Earth & here is why the humans reside being watched over by their carers, the angels.

But there is trouble in paradise, as time goes on the angels become envious that they have no female counterparts & some of them begin to lust for the earthly women.

Soon that lust sweeps the women off their feet & causes trouble in the garden. The Divine is not pleased & the angels & the humans are expelled from their homes & sent out into the wilderness of the unknown world to learn to live without the grace of the Lord.

This is the story of those first humans & fallen angels attempt to survive in the wilderness. The Watchers is available now on Amazon Kindle.