I have a fascination with the subject of religion and theology. I search for answers as many others do & have before me. I am lucky enough to be a free spirit; able to chose what I believe the Divine to be.‘Brotherhood’ came about partly due to my own intrigue in the Apostles, who they are, what they were like & also partly due to others who have investigated & put up theories regarding them. I have researched the ‘lost’ gospels, the books not included in the canon we know today, these include those known as ‘The Dead Sea Scrolls’. There has been much debate over the last one hundred years as to what did happen in those early days of what was the start of a faith that was to have a huge impact on the world; Christianity. I have the same questions as most researchers; who was Jesus? Was he divine; was he human, was he either? Was he just a man trying to regain a throne for the people of Israel? Why would Saul turn from a persecutor to a supporter of Jesus & his followers? Why did he believe that Jesus was the Messiah?

I wrote The Watchers because I have fascination with the origins of humanity. The Adam & Eve tale in the Bible is a little vague so I thought I would write a tale about how the angels watched over the first humans. There are hints in the scriptures that the angels & the women lay down together, which is the premise of this tale.

I wrote 'Tesla & Twain' because I adore these two characters & what they represent: literature & the future & the fact that both these men kept trying to be successful. They never gave up!