A novel loosely based upon the lives of two of the most famous characters in New York in the late 1800s: Nikola Tesla, the infamous inventor & the even more famous author Mark Twain. In this book Twain goes by his real name Samuel Clemens.

Tesla was a scientist & inventor the role model for the mad scientist stereotype in future literature. In this book Sam is his willing subject to test out many of Nikola’s ideas.

The story follows Nikola & Sam as they collaborate on various exploits that include Nikola’s attempts at developing wireless messages, electrical energy from lightening storms, creating flying machines & a new weapon that he hoped would stop all wars.

The book also covers some of Tesla’s more successful ventures. In the late 1800s he was commissioned to create the hydro electric system at Niagara Falls.

He was also a main contender against Thomas Edison in the electrical take-over of the USA, leading to them both putting on spectacular displays & shows to the public with their electrical systems.

Plus there are some of Nikola’s more ambitious inventions such as attempts to contact aliens from outer space to his the development of robots to his building a machine that could possibly split the earth into two.